Tyson Barry

The Perfect Tie


The tie is broken and we are here to fix that! How many times do you have to tie your tie to get the length right? That depends on the tie. There is no consistency between tie lengths or tie thickness. Every piece of clothing has a size matrix except the tie. You should be able to line up your tie and get it right the first time, every time. 

Our tie is consistent in thickness and the length dependent on your height. This way every time you tie your tie you have enough fabric to work with and the short end of your tie is long enough that is doesn’t show or pop out.

Our ties also have a measuring guide built in. Simply slide this guide to the right spot when are lining up your length and pin it. This way you know the approximate length every time you tie your tie.

Matching Socks

Adding the right socks to your business look can give you the added pop you are wanting.  We think that pop should match perfectly with your tie.  This can be challenging and time consuming.  We build tie sock combinations that will really set your look off right. 

These are great gifts for any occasion for that man in your life who needs to and wants to look good every day.  Looking good doesn't have to be that hard and we give you one less thing to think about.